Welcome to Christ Reformed Church’s Sunday Live Stream. Below, you will find two streams. The left stream is our Communion Service which starts at 10:30AM and the right stream is our Catechism Service. You can of course watch the stream after the event if you wish to return and view it later.

In Phase Two of District of Columbia COVID-19 re-opening, we are permitted to gather up to 100 persons for worship. Due to our small size, we are able to welcome guests and visitors to worship with us in person.

We welcome comments and questions in the chat boxes below each stream. We will seek to answer questions during catechism in our following week’s sermon. If you live in the DC area and would like to learn more about Christ Reformed Church we ask that you use our “Contact Us” page as a “virtual visitor card.” Feel free to let us know in the message box if you would like prayer, books or resources, or if you are seeking a new church.

We have made our bulletin available below. Lyrics of our psalms and hymns as well as corporate prayers from our liturgy will be available onto our stream. Click the full screen button on the streams to make it full screen.

For first time visitors, our liturgy is explained here: Why We Do What We Do?