Community Events at Christ Reformed

How We Build Community:
The Communion of the Saints

In the Apostles’ Creed we confess that the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit includes building up “the communion of the saints,” and our catechism explains what we mean by that:

First, that believers one and all, as members of Christ the Lord, have communion with him and share in all his treasures and gifts.
Second, that each member should consider it a duty to use these gifts readily and joyfully for the service and enrichment of the other members.

Heidelberg Catechism, Q&A 55

The fellowship that believers share in Christ is a gift, a miraculous work of the Holy Spirit, and at Christ Reformed we believe that this fellowship begins as we gather around the Lord’s table in public worship on the Lord’s Day. But our common participation in Christ by faith sends shock waves throughout our lives as we grow closer together throughout the week. We seek therefore to provide opportunities for our members to gather and grow closer together. Visit our calendar to see what’s happening near you.