Christ Reformed Church was planted in Washington DC in 2007, by a group of believers who wanted to tap into the ancient wisdom of the Protestant Reformation. We were a mission work of the United Reformed Churches of North America (URCNA), and organized as a local congregation in this federation of churches in 2016. 

Today we are a worshiping community located among the Northwest DC neighborhoods of Dupont and Logan Circles, with both a local and regional presence, and we invite you to visit us on the Lord’s Day and learn more about our vision for the Christian life. 


We are a worshiping community founded on two key principles that flow from the Protestant Reformation. First, we confess that the Bible alone is the only sufficient authority for governing the life of the believer and the church. Second, we believe that the message of salvation taught in the Bible is focused on Christ alone, who saves by grace alone through faith alone. These two principles govern all we do together as a church. 

Further, we believe that the center of the Christian life is the gathering of God’s people for public worship on the Lord’s Day. It is here that the Lord himself calls us into his presence and that we meet a holy and transcendent God. Because worship is initiated by God, it is therefore saturated and shaped by his word in our prayers, our praises, and our proclamation. The sacraments are divinely appointed “visual words” that further signify and seal his gospel promises to us. Our worship is biblical, Christ-centered, reverent, historical, liturgical, and sacramental.

In addition to the preaching of the word and the sacraments, we believe the third mark of a faithful local church is Christian discipline. This means that we seek to live life together in intimate fellowship as the body of Christ. Spiritual growth comes both through the means of grace, word and sacrament, as well as personal discipleship. The church, through its minister and elders, seeks accountability before the Lord, that we might faithfully proclaim the Lord in lives of faithful service. 


Christ Reformed Church is a member of the United Reformed Churches of North America (URCNA), a federation of churches in the Dutch Reformed branch of the Protestant Reformation. We do not have a denominational hierarchy that rules over our churches.  Instead, our local churches are committed to holding each other accountable to Scripture and providing one another with spiritual support.  All of this contributes to the well-being of each local congregation.  It also provides us with an avenue to partner with others in the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20).


As a Reformed Church, we seek deeper unity and fellowship with faithful Reformed and Presbyterian churches in North America and around the world. The URCNA is a member of the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council, which is currently comprised of thirteen member churches: